Lillian Cauldwell – Paranormal fiction author

Jon interviews Lillian Cauldwell. She is the creator of the Anna Mae Mysteries series of paranormal/supernatural adventures for early teens.

As Lillian states: “Sometimes I think about my life and look back at the path that brought me to this place and time. As a child, I was very lonely, knowing few people well and even fewer could I call friends. I did not excel in academics. In fact, to the contrary, I resisted school and failed to push myself either socially or academically. I attended college, but never completed my degree.

Life led me, as I was not at the time really leading my life, into an early, unhappy marriage resulting in the birth of a lovely son who I soon began raising as a single parent. Drifting through life, trying to make a living as best I could, struggling with health issues, I began writing. I’ve written four books and seen three of them published.” Read More …

Kim Vasquez – Author, Angels and life!

GRI interviews Kim Vasquez, the author of a book called Living in the Rear View Mirror: From Substance Abuse to a Life of Substance. She is not what you would expect at the first glance of that title. In her own words “I am a person that experienced angel and paranormal activity throughtout my life and I was afraid of it. Part of the reason I partied so hard was to shut off the part of myself that could access other realms. I know I’m not alone in that! Once I got clean I embraced my spiritual gifts. I now work with others and teach them how to access guidance from their own angels and guides.”

To learn more: Read More …

Rick Hayes from LifesGift Inc.

Rick Hayes is the founder of LifesGift, Inc. – an association that supports his consultation and speaking engagement services. As a Consultant with unique abilities,

Rick consults on a daily basis with those that have questions regarding life and life-after.

At an early age, Rick realized that he had the unique ability to relay messages from those who have passed. Born and raised in a Christian environment, his belief in the gift of life and life everlasting has remained throughout his own
personal life through continued faith. Read More …

Sheevaun O’Connor Moran Interview

Join the GRI team as we interview Sheevaun O’Connor Moran. She is a a very successful woman.

She’s an entrepreneur that
had been in the corporate environment, who has
worked with over 7500 clients using healing
energy, clairvoyance, and the business acumen
she acquired while in corporate. Her niche is
with helping people to achieve their hearts’
desire. Whether that’s been health (she’s worked
with people who have survived cancer, tumors,
suicide, poisoning, trauma, etc), saving a
marriage, creating financial freedom where there
was none, and helping bring the children of the
world understanding about what they see that
grown-ups don’t and much more. Read More …

Ellis Byrd – GussetHunters Paranormal

Join the GRI team as we interview GussetHunters Paranormal out of the great state of Ohio!

Ellis Bryd was born in Swindon England in 1965. Had many paranormal experiences over his life. The first memorable was when he witnessed a young man stood in the center of a country road, then disappear.

He spent a short time living in Pluckley Ohio (England’s most haunted village), as well as living close to Avebury stone circle and Stonehenge. Corn circles were also the norm in the Wiltshire County. Read More …

Lura Ketch – Author and accidental psychic-medium

GRI Paranormal interviews author and psychic Lura Ketch!

As Lura relates about herself: “I have led an eclectic life. For more than twenty years, I have owned horses, or I Should say been their employee! I have been a model, waitress, bartender/shrink and a house-wife. I believe you too have to live life before you can write about it.

What’s a girl to do if she has psychic ability? It’s not something you can use on a job resume or is it? As a kid I always thought 99% of people who claimed to see the dead were either mentally ill, had recently been paroled, or mildly deranged. Now that leaves just 1% of the population who claims to be able to see ghosts and possibly can. Cut that 1% right down the middle and you will find half are just lonely people vying for attention and desperately wanting to be special.

Real psychics never open their mouths; they keep their abilities a mystery and their identities a secret. Not wanting to be labeled as a freak, they are understandably silent, wouldn’t you be? They might be your next door neighbor, or someone you walk by in the grocery store. Once in a while, they have a slip of tongue and the truth spills out.” Read More …