Ghost-Rider Paranormal Radio interview with Author and Angelic Communicator Kim Vazquez

Kim Vazquez is a former business owner and mortgage broker who found her true calling in helping others connect to their own divine guidance. As a spiritual counselor and an angel intuitive she conducts Angel Readings through her practice, and offers workshops and seminars. She and her husband live in Placer County, California. Her fearless, no-nonsense appraisal of herself and her life experience results in revelations that anyone can relate to. Read More …

Ghost-Rider Paranormal Radio interview with Medium Jonna Carlson

We interview psychic-medium Jonna Carlson this evening!

Jonna is an experienced psychic who has been working with
energy and people for many years to continue to hone and perfect what she does.

She travels throughout Wisconsin to do live events, home parties and radio shows.. You can
see her regularly
in Madison, Monroe, Janesville Waukesha and Milwaukee.

You can hear Jonna on many radio stations locally and on the net,
including B103, 104.9 The X and 105.9 The Hog.

She is a guest on many blog talk shows.
Her client list is large and diverse.

Many law enforcement, city officials, attorneys, and celebrities have counseled
with Jonna.

Jonna takes private appointments out of her home office or will do phone
readings for you.

Skype readings and virtual Skype parties are now available, this is a fun way to
do group readings.

Jonna is a medium, using psychometry, her guides and your energy.

Whatever spirit brings through to her attention is what she will share with you
during that reading.

Jonna’s spiritual journey started many years ago.
In the last 10 years her senses have become much stronger.

Her true passion is to be of service and to help people in need.

Jonna understands grief and loss on the deepest level and would never take
advantage of anyone going through a grief situation.

It is her hope to help people understand that the other side is so very close to us! Read More …

Ghost-Rider Paranormal Radio interview with Medium Cindi Sansone-Braff

We interview Medium Cindi Sansone-Braff this Sunday and talk about psychic mediumship and more!

Cindi Sansone-Braff is an entertainer, relationship coach, mystic, professional Tarot card reader and Medium with more than fifteen years experience. She teaches spiritual workshops based on her book “Grant Me A Higher Love”, gives lectures in which she shares her own experience of Enlightenment, and gives private Tarot readings throughout the United States and around the world.

She has read Tarot cards at the New York Theosophical Society, and at many corporate events, including those sponsored by Cablevision. She has thousands of clients and many well-known celebrities are among her biggest fans.

She can be heard on radio stations nationwide and throughout Canada.

Cindi has a BFA from the University of Connecticut, and has written several award winning full-length plays, including “Beethoven’s Promethean Concerto in C Minor WoO”, A Four Movement Music Drama based on Ludwig van Beethoven: the Man, the Myth, the Music; and “Phantom Pain”, a riveting theatrical piece about love, fear, and Enlightenment. She lives on Long Island and has one grown daughter, Shana.

Cindi’s own eye opening experience with fear and the huge part it can play in ending a relationship, no matter how high a love we’re given or how long a relationship has been in place, launched her on a painstaking quest to understand the true nature of love.

For more information on working with Cindi, please get in touch via her site at Grant Me A Higher Love Read More …