The Parapocalypse

The Parapocalypse

We have taken note in recent years of the “Parapocalypse”. It is a term I invented to describe the efforts of Big Tech in the past two years to utterly destroy the entire Paranormal arena and seize control of subjects that they know know nothing about. This is not the only subject that the media are out to utterly control, but the effect has been chilling to witness in the past two years.

This phasing out of any subject the MSM doesn’t like by Big-Tech applies to all small players in the paranormal world, be it Spiritual, UFO, Cryptid and any other topic remotely paranormal in Nature. We ALL have been kicked to the curb by these people.

All one has to do is use a search engine to see that the real experts who do investigate these phenomena are crowded out by the main stream media. The bald-faced fact of the matter is that few in the MSM have any experience in the Spiritual, UFO or Cryptid world and never will. This entire effort is for one purpose: Marginalize real experts and direct people to MSM sources who mislead, lie to and manipulate public thinking and opinion for their own agenda.

We’ve reopened our X-Files

It is our intention here to outlast the people behind this effort to steal these subject matter from the people who actually know and understand it. WE ARE THE PARANORMAL WORLD. Not the MSM.

The answer to this is to post paranormal content on your sites, band together independently, and share your data among your peers, going around the entire MSM machine. Avoid established MSM and Social media that censor and restrict. I recommend posting on Rumble, Gab, Wego.Social, or any other platform that is dedicated to free speech. WE ARE THE PARANORMAL EXPERTS. Not the MSM.