Jon’s Mediumship

Jon has been a medium for his entire life. His heritage includes a mix of Viking, Scottish Highlander, Ottawa, Ojibwe, Ottawa, Sioux and Cherokee American Indian and European bloodlines. The gift seems to come from the Scottish/Cherokee line with many of the Scottish family members able to see and hear spirits in addition to being psychically gifted in psychometry and astral travel. A Cherokee great-grandmother also married into the Scottish family and further added to the gifts many of my immediate family have.

Some of Jon’s aunts were professional mediums. The gift began to appear for Jon at age five with his first encounters beginning with a visit from a number of spirits at his home in Northern California and which continue to the present day on a haunted ranch he resides on in the Sierra Nevada.

While mediumship has not been a “profession” for Jon, he does enjoy reading people and did this on-air for a number of years at BlogTalkRadio on his show there.

Jon’s readings are specifically to speak with dead people on the part of the person being read. He does NOT offer “psychic readings” in the strict sense.

Readings with those who have crossed over are intense and personal sessions and take a lot of effort on the part of the medium. He keeps the readings focused solely on passing messages from the Other Side to help the person being read to get the messages they need from the Other Side.

Jon will be returning to reading in 2022 on-air and in-person to assist people to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over.


Jon’s Certification

Jon received training from Carol Nicholson in honing his mediumship skills and graduated from Carol’s ImagineSpirit school of Mediumship in 2009.

ImagineSpirit Graduates (including Jon) – Click photo to view

Comments on Carol from Jon:

I highly recommend Carol’s program for self-paced learning and developing as a medium. She runs a great school and knows her subject inside and out. I cannot thank Carol enough for giving me the tools and processes I needed to fully understand my gift and to make better use of it to help others in need. — Jon Almada”