The Link Of The Day

The Link of the Day

Just as a major social media search engine uses it’s front and center position to try to influence our thinking via social conditioning/propaganda while we search for information we need, so to, can we do the same for our own websites about things WE care about and to share Truth and the history WE know to be True.

The difference between US and the liars? We care about America. We are One People. Not a divided people. Together we are Strong. Divided we are weak.

We are in a Spiritual War folks. Pure and simple. It is Good vs Evil.

Links on the Link of the Day will usually be pretty straightforward and not controversial. Others… well… Let’s just say they will speak Truth.

To give you an idea WHY we speak up here on my little program? 13:20 – Video at bottom of page.

Go America!

We The People! – Kid Rock

Go 13:20 in to the video above. When you see who is running things at the “Engine”, you will understand much of what is going on. Information IS power folks. The world is NOT what you think it is. I also HIGHLY recommend watching this channel daily.