Recovering Spiritual Websites

Recovering Spiritual Websites

Websites don’t have to die. In fact, they never really do. They can live again in our world if only we try…

Something I do on occasion is to rescue dead or dying paranormal/spiritual websites that are worth saving. I have done this for a number of sites of people who have passed on and whose work was too important to let pass without someone stepping in. Recovering spiritual websites is not difficult for a professional, just a matter of time, research and work.

Quite often a web site people think has died is easily recoverable. In the few cases it cannot be recovered in it’s original form, we can and do regenerate a new version of the site out of existing scraps of text, images and media available at the time. Sometimes we can recover a site in mere minutes, others take more time to rescue. No matter the case, the sites can live again! Even if the domain has been grabbed, it is just a matter of getting a new one and getting to work recovering the content.

A lot of people in paranormal and spiritual work do find the technical challenges of websites to be difficult and sometimes these challenges also affect living sites that just need a little love from a professional to help the site owner repair, move or update the site.

For those in the spiritual community of mediums, after-death communications sites and the entire paranormal world, I do provide my services for a very nominal fee to assist you in recovering or repairing your website or that of your loved one who has passed on or can no longer maintain or manage their website. My initial consult is free and I can advise you on the best course of action for your specific case.

For websites that have no one left to recover them, I will step in if the site is recoverable and if we have exhausted all other avenues of approach to getting family or friends to step in to provide a legacy approach to preserving the site. Often, the family or friends just let the site die and thus the challenge is set to recover the site to as close a form as it was when it’s owner was alive. This sort of recovery is done on a case-by-case basis and is done out of reverence for the person whose website may be their only legacy to the world. In cases I have hosted some of these sites in my own domains.I

I served for 32 years in the defense industry. 25 of those years were as corporate webmaster for Aerojet-General. During that time, I authored, maintained, inherited and administered literally thousands of websites with an audience that spanned the world. I’ve seen it all and even though I retired in 2017, I still enjoy making and repairing/recovering websites. I primarily use WordPress in a custom configuration that makes life easy for me to work while letting me be creative and free of technical constraints. I will be able help guide you to the right choices for your spiritual or paranormal web presence.

To contact me to discuss your case, visit my Facebook presence.

Examples of my successfully recovered websites follow:

I am currently in the process of recovering several smaller websites of famous paranormal people who have crossed over. These sites will return sometime in mid-2022 and be featured on this page.