GRI Return to Studio A / SoulStreaming Show

We’ll be testing Studio-A out for all basic functions this evening and will provide a few pictures of the inside of our special broadcast location along with the new music gear and toys we’re outfitting it with!

We are doing a shakedown test of Studio-A with the full CAT-5 cable hooked up but not buried yet – We’re getting good connectivity and want to check basic functions out and find out what works and what does not! So lets try a few EVPs and talk spirits and such! Read More …

Ghost-Rider Paranormal Radio Sunday night EVP talk

Our planned show for tonight had to be changed due to an emergency with my guest. We rescheduled to July 5’th for that show. So lets do EVPs tonight!

We’ll talk EVP, techniques, the Psyleron and share stories of the Paranormal and more! Our chat room has undergone a couple of minor mods with sound now turned off by default and also enhanced troll-tracking features – LOL. So join us for fun tonight and we’ll explore the world of Spirit together!
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Ztalk radio interviews Jon at 3:00pm Pacific time/5:00pm Eastern

GRI is co-broadcasting this show for BlogTalkRadio listeners

Our Worlds Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6p-8P Eastern Dear Emmy Saturday 10p-12a Eastern With Elizabeth Rose Our Worlds Our worlds with Elizabeth Rose is an online radio broadcast in which Elizabeth explores the many aspects of spirituality and metaphysics. Our Worlds topics range from Astrology to Energy and so much more. The metaphysical and spiritual information explored within the Our Worlds Broadcasts enlivens, enlightens, and empowers. Elizabeth will often have guests who, among other topics, will do readings and occasionally she will do some as well. Once a month Elizabeth plans to be doing a group meditation on the air and Mondays she is working toward showcasing new country artists. Join Elizabeth Rose because if it affects your world, it affects Our Worlds. Read More …

Ghost-Rider Paranormal Radio interviews Sharon Coyle, owner of Rolling Hills Asylum

We interview my dear friend, Sharon Coyle, who recently purchased Rolling Hills Asylum in New York State. We’ll learn all about the ghosts of RHA and what Sharon has been up to!

Originally, Rolling Hills Asylum was a carriage house and tavern servicing stage coaches stood there from 1790 until December 1826, when it was sold to Genesse county. The carriage house still stands on the property today. The tavern serviced travelers from Batavia, NY to Warsaw, NY traveling along what is now known as US Route 20. At that point, the facility took in paupers, unwed mothers, the insane, and orphans.

By the early 1950s, the facility served only as a nursing home, where it was then closed by 1972; stepping aside for a new facility in Batavia, NY.

After which, the building stood empty until 1992, when it was then re-opened as Carriage Village, a mall of unique shops. Since then it has transformed into a paranormal investigation hot spot and has been operating public and private ghost hunting tours, paranormal investigations, historical tours and even special events.
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Ghost-Rider Paranormal Radio interview with intuitive and author Lillian Cauldwell

We interview our good friend, Lillian Cauldwell about spirits, her psychic abilities and life in general!

How I Arrived at This Place and Time

Sometimes I think about my life and look back at the path that brought me to this place and time. As a child, I was very lonely, knowing few people well and even fewer could I call friends. I did not excel in academics. In fact, to the contrary, I resisted school and failed to push myself either socially or academically. I attended college, but never completed my degree.
All of this has led me to a place in my life, thanks in part to my husband whom I married in 1989, where I can reach for the stars myself. I have overcome the odds, grown as a person, and am surrounded by friends – all of which gave me the courage and determination to create my own radio station – Passionate Internet Voices Talk Radio. PIVTR, started in 2005, has grown tremendously through lots of hard work, terrific co-workers, great partners and my own sense of self worth, a hard earned state of mind. It’s my way of giving back to those who have been there for me – from our fine military to the many authors who have supported my efforts to the great audience who keeps me going. We’re now reaching thousands of listeners in hundreds of countries around the globe.
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