Q: Why is there no top menu on my android or apple phone or tablet when visiting this site?

A: The responsive theme we use replaces the menu with a set of three lines as the menu icon. Pressing this will reveal the menu to the left side to navigate the site.

Q: Why use questions through the Quantum system?

A: We prefer to use a more refined question submission system called Quantum to keep the focus on the show and yet allow audience participation. Our past experiences have shown that the best option is to limit access to those people who have proven to be who they say they are and keep the show running smoothly.

Q: Why do callers need to pre-register on SoulStream?

A: We vet callers through our registration system to prevent abuse of the phone system. If most Internet providers allowed for the use of a “Dump Button” to give us a broadcast delay, we would love to go back to answering any call that comes in, but we’ve concluded this is the next best thing to do and to prevent abuse of the call-in line.

Q: Why are you not talking Skype callers?

A: Because Skype is extremely easy to abuse. We are looking at ways to allow for it in the future but for now, we will only take calls from registered phone numbers that have gone through our process of vetting callers.

Q: What is “Quantum”?

A: Quantum is a messaging app to send a short message to Jon during the broadcast. It replaces the chat room used by Blogtalkradio.

Q: What is the On-Air graphic on the top right for?

A: This image will illuminate when the show is set to go live and can be clicked to view the currently broadcasting show or to visit archived shows when the on-air graphic is dim.

Q: What does SoulStream stand for?

A: I began doing mediumship work a long time ago and I was always of the opinion that communications with those who have passed is a streaming connection of sorts, much like radio. It just seemed elegant as a name and fit what I was looking to communicate with the brand.