Art Bell Tribute

Art Bell

My career in radio only slightly overlaps that of the late-Great Art Bell. I first heard Art on Coast to Coast AM back in 1995 and became a dedicated fan, listening to his broadcasts. I listened as famous shows like the pilot flying over Area 51 played out and watched him retire and return to the air time and again as the years passed by.

Each time he returned, I would tune in to listen to his shows and learn more about this strange planet we find ourselves inhabiting.

I had some minor experience with voice over and television production as well as doing streaming radio over Blogtalkradio for fun. And as time went on I decided I wanted to not follow in Art’s footsteps, but to walk alongside the man and learn from him and take my own journey into the unknown and enjoy the ride as much as he seemed to be doing.

Art is one of those people whose calm demeanor and universal charm makes for the perfect host for a program like his. I can only hope the countless hours of listening in and learning from him will find good purpose here on SoulStream. Art’s level of professionalism and flair is something I can only hope to approach in my own radio career.

Art’s passing in 2018 came as a great shock to many. I was unprepared for this. I had seen his post of him flying his quadcopter the day or so before his passing and it was like a final goodbye to all of us. As a ham radio myself I can only give a tip of my hat to my fellow ham operator who is now a silent key.

73’s to you Art. W6OBB de KK6IQK. God Bless to you and yours. SK. dit dit.

Art Bell’s 2015 incarnation of his studio is only slightly different than mine in it’s major features.

Art’s final show before he handed the show off to Heather Wade on March 11, 2016.

Crystal Gayle singing about her friend, Art Bell, for whom she wrote the song “Midnight In The Desert”.

Art chats with Crystal Gayle about the song she wrote for him.

Art Waves Farewell

The Animated Art Bell