Welcome to SoulStream; Remembering my uncle and a lost man

In 1964, my uncle Gordon was doing work in Alaska for the Air Force on an island out of Cook Inlet not far from Anchorage when the Good Friday earthquake happened. It was nearing the end of the day and a 9.2 earthquake struck. For 5 minutes, one of the largest earthquakes in recorded human history tore through the region as the Pacific plate and North American tectonic plates ruptured and released a titanic amount of energy.

106 people died in tsunamis, 9 in the actual quake and 16 others in tsunamis outside of Alaska. There were likely others never accounted for who died in remote regions.

Uncle Gordon survived, saved by an Air Force helicopter that saved him from the tsunami that followed. But someone who was with him did not.

My uncle is now passed on and I never forgot the story. He was riddled with survivors guilt. His friend was not able to get to the helicopter because there was only room for one and they promised to come back for his friend. I’ll tell the rest of the story on tonight’s show and dedicate this episode of SoulStream to both of them, my Uncle and a man who will likely remain unknown by the time of the broadcast… I am researching to see if I can uncover a name for this man.

Tonight, we’ll try an EVP session to see if we can get into contact on-air and see if we can connect with these men. Afterwards, we’ll open the phone lines to regular readings… Read More …

Readings with Ovilus and EVP tonight

Readings with the Ovilus and EVP work on-air tonight! Remember – we’re talking with folks who have passed – all readings will need to be for talking with those folks and no psychic readings tonight.

A fun show to reunite family and friends with loved ones, test psychic skills, talk openly and test our mettle in an environment that is positive for all. Bring your mug of hot brew, smiles and stories! We’ll try out the Ovilus, Shack-hack and other cool technologies and explore the boundaries of reality on this show ;>) Read More …