Richard Phillips – Author of “The Second Ship”

Join Jon for an interview author with Richard Phillips about his book, “The Second Ship”, a science fiction novel.

Synopsis: For sixty years, the National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico, has been investigating the powerful technologies of a damaged alien ship, an effort dubbed the ‘Rho Project.’ Now, the American government is ready to share the Rho Project discoveries with the world. But as the world scrambles to adopt the alien technologies, three high schoolers make another shocking discovery: hidden inside a cave in the New Mexico wilderness lies another alien ship. As the friends explore the second ship, they begin to unravel a decades-long secret involving an extraterrestrial war, government cover-ups, and secret experimentation using alien technology on humans. A battle has begun, and the secrets of the second ship may be the key to humanity’s last chance for survival. Read More …

Ghost-Rider Paranormal Radio covers the Hornet Odyssey event problems.

GRI is doing a special show to cover the events surrounding the U.S.S. Hornet Sept 5’th event that was to be hosted by Odyssey Star Productions.

We’re going to cover the events in question and are inviting those who were affected (and yes, Jon is one of them!) to talk about the current news regarding if it will go on or not. We may hear from the two event coordinators who have stepped in to try to carry on with the event and to see what is happening.

We will also do some general paranormal news and evp to fill in once our coverage of the Hornet event ends. Read More …

Ghost-Rider Paranormal Radio interviews Gloria Young

Join us as we interview Gloria Young of Ghost Trackers about her life in the Paranormal! 2022 Note: Gloria has passed on to the Other Side in January of 2016. We were fortunate to have interviewed her on the show and will feature more on her in the future. Click to play the show

GhostRider Paranormal Radio Parallel Universe Show

Join us as we lead up to the Warner Grand Theater broadcast from our good friends at Journey Paranormal. We’ll look over the history of the Warner Grand, talk shop and point folks here at BlogTalkRadio to visit Journey Paranormal’s Live telecast of their investigation of the Warner Grand Theater. To join the 10:00 investigation, visit to RSVP Read More …