Ghost-Rider Paranormal Radio interviews Sharon Coyle, owner of Rolling Hills Asylum

We interview my dear friend, Sharon Coyle, who recently purchased Rolling Hills Asylum in New York State. We’ll learn all about the ghosts of RHA and what Sharon has been up to!

Originally, Rolling Hills Asylum was a carriage house and tavern servicing stage coaches stood there from 1790 until December 1826, when it was sold to Genesse county. The carriage house still stands on the property today. The tavern serviced travelers from Batavia, NY to Warsaw, NY traveling along what is now known as US Route 20. At that point, the facility took in paupers, unwed mothers, the insane, and orphans.

By the early 1950s, the facility served only as a nursing home, where it was then closed by 1972; stepping aside for a new facility in Batavia, NY.

After which, the building stood empty until 1992, when it was then re-opened as Carriage Village, a mall of unique shops. Since then it has transformed into a paranormal investigation hot spot and has been operating public and private ghost hunting tours, paranormal investigations, historical tours and even special events.
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GRI interviews Sharon Coyle and Marcia Miller from Journey Paranormal

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