GRI interviews Sharon Coyle and Marcia Miller from Journey Paranormal

Lorna Marie Reynolds and Sharon Coyle, owner of Rolling Hills Asylum

Our Inaugural show in the new studio!

Join us as Sharon Coyle and Marcia Miller from Southern California’s Journey Paranormal Society discuss their memorable cases, share EVPs and techniques with Jon and Kat!

2022 note: SO much has happened since this show and my friend Sharon Coyle has bought Rolling Hills Asylum in New York State and has been doing great with that venue.


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Sharon Coyle and Marcia Miller dropped in last night from Journey Paranormal Society and mentioned some of the following interesting sites and cases:

  1. Rolling Hills Asylum – Rolling Hills Paranormal Research Center which needs your visits and funding to continue operations.
  2. – Check out the video and EVP evidence on the JPS web site. Listen to the graveyard EVPs – very good quality.
  3. – The venerable Queen Mary – one of the most haunted ships in the world.