Lura Ketch – Author and accidental psychic-medium

GRI Paranormal interviews author and psychic Lura Ketch!

As Lura relates about herself: “I have led an eclectic life. For more than twenty years, I have owned horses, or I Should say been their employee! I have been a model, waitress, bartender/shrink and a house-wife. I believe you too have to live life before you can write about it.

What’s a girl to do if she has psychic ability? It’s not something you can use on a job resume or is it? As a kid I always thought 99% of people who claimed to see the dead were either mentally ill, had recently been paroled, or mildly deranged. Now that leaves just 1% of the population who claims to be able to see ghosts and possibly can. Cut that 1% right down the middle and you will find half are just lonely people vying for attention and desperately wanting to be special.

Real psychics never open their mouths; they keep their abilities a mystery and their identities a secret. Not wanting to be labeled as a freak, they are understandably silent, wouldn’t you be? They might be your next door neighbor, or someone you walk by in the grocery store. Once in a while, they have a slip of tongue and the truth spills out.”

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