Weekly BlogTalkRadio call in show


For some time I’ve wanted to do a live call in show. While I WILL continue to regular Twitch shows I will be doing a test series of shows on BlogTalkRadio for a month in March and into April to see if this develops into something good for the audience and SoulStreamRadio.

Starting on 3-23-22 and into April we will give the BTR show a test run.

The show topics will be variable and mostly center on mediumship and the paranormal along with EVP on-air demonstrations. We are also interested in interviewing other Mediums on-air on these shows.

Twitch is a bit of a issue for live call ins without a “dump button” to insure we can avoid problem callers so going back to BlogTalkRadio with it’s call-in capabilities was a natural choice to see if this will be a good move.

The shows will be Wednesday Nights at 9 PM to 10PM Pacific at https://blogtalkradio.com/soulstream