The YouTube EVP Show – 03-26-22


Youtube EVPs

We will cover years of me noting potential EVPs heard in videos on YouTube in this show!

The Videos!

Stealth camping behind billboard
9:07 – Male voice responds to Steve asking what it would be like to camp without traffic noise all the time. Male voice responds – Class B EVP.

20:45 – voice heard as Steve crosses road.

Camping in a Severe Cyclonic Storm
Around 12:13 voice whispers loudly “Hey” with man in tent during storm.

Steve Wallis – Cemetery camp EVP
At around 8:45, strange voice – likely EVP. Male voice, class B

Ford F-100 return to the road
27:38 – Whispering over other voices of the two hosts near close of the video.

Ham Radio – Jesse
Name “Jesse” said at 2:36

She Detector
Metal detecting Clearwater Beach w/Relic Recoverist
1:15 – Weird unearthly voice commenting.

Survival Lily – Solo Overnighter in the rain #bugoutcamp
21:03 – Voice – male – says “Hi”

Area 51 Going deep into the tunnels.
Yell at 7:12 into the video

Bigfoot screams
I’m right down here at 13:00

Exploring Abandoned Mines and Unusual Places
Many evps starting at 12:10 on.

Horton Mine – Summer 2014 video
EVPs at 6:34 – 6:48 – 7:43 with radio voice and alarms

Mustie1 – EVP at 4:26 or so

An Abandoned Mine Search for an Underground Swimming Hole (Plus a Study in False Floors!)
EVP at 8:49 or so Male voice.