The EVP that started me into serious ghost-hunting – William Madison Palmer’s EVP Message

Tomb of William Palmer at the Shingle Springs Cemetery – Photographed by Jon Almada.

William Madison Palmer, a distinguished rancher and pioneer who settled this area, and died in late 1895 responded to me in October of 2008 while I investigated the Shingle Springs cemetery on one of my early EVP field missions.

Because of this high-quality EVP, I pressed on and I’ve also made what I feel, to be a real friend over there at this little pioneer cemetery.

You can learn more about his life by looking for his name on Google and you’ll learn more about him!

William has been a great friend to have on the other side and has spoken often on EVPs in subsequent visits. He is truly one of the good spirits out there!

“We do… Sweet William Boy” or “We do… Sweet Little Boy” – Hard to say what he was exactly saying — Class A EVP of WIlliam Madison Palmer, rancher from the Shingle Springs, California area, recorded in October 2008. Note the strong southern accent.

I was barely into using a simple and inexpensive Sony voice recorder to try to capture EVPs when I went to the Shingle Springs Cemetery near my home and walked around giving each person’s grave a visit with the recorder on the entire time. I was absolutely alone in the cemetery when I visited the graves. I was EXTREMELY surprised to have gotten this EVP (a class-A EVP at that!) on some of my first missions into the field to chase the paranormal.

It would seem that William was probably wanting to say something in return to me for taking time to say hello and wait for a reply. I’ve received other EVPs from him, but none so clear as this first one from him.

This is but one of many exceptional EVPs captured during my days in field investigation. I have decided to return to this in coming months and see how I do. I will share more of my more exceptional captures here on the site in the future.

I found William’s biography in the book “Historical Souvenir of El Dorado County, California With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Its Prominent Men & Pioneers By Paolo Sioli · 1883” and am sharing his bio thus:


Is a native of North Carolina, and son of George and Polly Palmer. He was brought to light on the first day of December 1822. He served under General Taylor in the war with Mexico, during which campaign he visited the city of Mexico, Buenevista and other places of interest in the ancient land. In 1852 he came to California and from that time followed the mines continuously at Coloma, Johntown, Placerville, Downieville, and other points until 1859. He then engaged in the cattle business and is now the most extensively interested in that branch of any party in the county. Is also engaged in sheep growing , keeps about 1000 sheep, and 300 head of cattle. In 1875 he purchased the “Boland,” better known as the “Spring Garden” ranch, one of the best stock ranches in El Dorado county. In addition to this he has a fine mountain range called Union valley, and in all about 3,000 acres of land. Mr Palmer is one of the oldest and most responsible citizens of the county, having by hard work and perseverance accumulated a good competence. In his boyhood days there were no free schools and he received but a limited education, in a subscription school in Buncombie county where he was born. His mother was a Miss Starrit of revolutionary fame, her ancestors having won distinction in the struggle for liberty.