Final BlogTalk Radio Show! Fully committing to Twitch and Buzzsprout – June 17, 2022 – 9 PM Pacific

We will be doing our final BlogTalkRadio show on June 24’th at 9:00 PM Pacific time. We have moved to a new provider and am completing our transition!

Note! This is NOT the final SoulStream show! We have moved on to Twitch and Buzzsprout and will keep right on broadcasting weekly!

I’m inviting any BlogTalkRadio hosts and fans of Cathie’s Distant Echos, CJEVP Radio and any of the other paranormal shows that were part of those amazing days early in BlogTalkRadio’s history to join in and be part of the end of an era and to see us fully commit to our platform being on Twitch and Buzzsprout!

You can listen in to the show at: