You don’t know what you have until you lose it…

We all got terribly used to it… Free and high quality information. In fact it was SO easy people thought it would never end.

Until it did.

Finding good paranormal information was so easy it was expected and now, suddenly, the Internet has become practically worthless when it comes to paranormal subject matter.

The major search engines are practically worthless. They fail at the very thing there are supposed to be good at. Now they are nothing but filters to screen truth from the masses.

The Parapocalypse is just a symptom of a much larger information suppression going on world-wide. I won’t dive into the reasons for this. Anyone with a brain can reason the why of it all. It’s just enough to know that it is much harder to get good information out of the Internet anymore.

Try to find good information on the paranormal now on Google, Bing or any other search engine? Those search terms now take you to MSM news stories and block out all the good information from the true experts.

We’re working to solve this. We’ve started out to see what can bring people back together and to go around the censors who hate free speech.

I’m currently evaluating specialty paranormal forums as a solution to getting the paranormal community to start talking to one another and to take back control from the MSM and speak among ourselves without the search engine suppression getting in the way. We NEED high quality contacts and information to be able to keep moving forward and the best way forward I can see is with private forums that bypass the big social media companies.

We have registered with several recommended paranormal forums to see who we’re going to recommend as a place to interact. We’ll come back in a week to see how it has gone.

I DO have good news in the form of a great search engine called Metager. This engine has the sheer audacity of serving up GOOD information. I found this information with a review of Metager at – This article details all the features of this engine which is run out of Germany and is run by a private group. My browser now defaults to this engine.

Choice… It is your right. And being gated and locked into low-quality search engines can be a thing of the past if you look to escape the clutches of the censorship-crowd.