Night of the EVPs – April 23, 2022

It’s the Night of the EVPs! We’ve been digging into our huge library of EVPS and I’ve found many more to share along with stories from our missions.

Progress has been made on another case from 2007 with EVP captures as well. This is another of our X-File cases which we will be discussing and playing evidence from.

We will also be covering the Big Circle, a world-wide gathering that meets on the first and third Thursdays of every month at 8pm local time to your area to connect with the Other Side and our establishment of a Big Circle group you can join to share your experiences and to meet other interested people!


EVP Captures to review on this show

Precautions for EVP

Other Cases

Cool Site Discoveries

Tech Talk

We will also be covering developments with establishing mechanisms to create new EVPs and to share other paranormal news.

We have also secured an expert on BigFoot/Sasquatch for a future show! Sharon Day is an expert on all things Bigfoot and we’ll have her on in May 2022!

The Spiricom – An early EVP detection system from the 1970s

To learn more about the Spiricom, visit THIS SITE

The Animated Art Bell – Some humor that was on the show