Open Discussion Show – Paranormal gear – Space worms – UFOs and haunted Death Valley- 04-09-22

We are doing Open Discussion tonight on the show. Topics will include, but are not exclusively limited to:

  • The GRI web site is being updated. It sports a new look and feel and we’re planning new case. We’re open to past investigators rejoining.
  • The Paranormal as a business – Jon to discuss the cost of gear and what is truly essential.
  • Home-brew Paranormal Gear.
  • Articles on inexpensive paranormal gear on the GRI site.
  • Re-Review of GRI cases as an on-going task. Will be going over the investigation evidence from the Amargosa Hotel.
  • The UFO-related term “UAP” and why it shouldn’t be used.
  • Skeptics in the paranormal like James Randi.
  • Paranormal Data – Keep it refreshed and do backups or lose it all!

Questions from the audience are welcome and we’ll discuss any questions posed.