Art Bell’s UFO Sightings Show – 02-26-22

On the evening of August 29, 1994, radio host Art Bell and his wife Ramona had a most unusual encounter in the desert near their home town of Pahrump, Nevada. This dramatic sighting is similar to one my cousin experienced here in Northern California in the fall of 2016. We will be covering both of these triangular UFO sightings on the show.

Art and his wife also experienced another sighting of a spherical UFO on Memorial Day, May 26, 1997. We will explore this sighting and discuss UFO encounters that occurred throughout the Western U.S. which occurred on this date which match up with what Art and Ramona witnessed in broad daylight. I will cover my own sighting of a somewhat similar UFO in October of 2016 as well.

Painting by Mark McCandlish of August 1994 UFO encounter by Art and Ramona Bell