Ghost-Rider Paranormal Radio: Psychic Medium Valerie Renee is our special guest tonight!

Valerie Renee is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, psychic medium, empath, spiritual healer, and paranormal investigator located in Jacksonville, Florida. Valerie’s abilities did not start off as something she considered a gift. As a child in a family that did not encourage psychic growth and development, her abilities got her into much trouble, and she did everything she could to ignore them. Eventually, she accepted that she was different, but thought it something she should keep a secret, because ‘normal’ people were not like her. A time of spiritual awakening came in Valerie’s life, and when it did, she knew she had to use her abilities to help others, and that God had given her a mission to do so.

Valerie has helped people all over the world to connect with their deceased loved ones on the other side, and has also helped people through many of life’s troubling issues. She has worked in the paranormal with many teams through the Georgia and Florida area as a medium, capturing amazing pictures and EVP‘s (Electronic Voice Phenomena) due to her contact with spirit. She has also worked with law enforcement . She gives all credit for the work she does to God, feeling that God has simply put her here as a spiritual counselor and a translator for the other side. She views herself as a simple instrument in God’s hands.

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