March 30, 2024 – High Strangeness on the Moon

What DID NASA run into on the moon during the Apollo Missions? Did Humanity have any idea of alien activity on the moon before Apollo? What happened during the missions? Did Apollo 11 encounter ships at the landing site? What has happened since then? We will explore these questions and many more on the show!

The Apollo 13 Mission is known to have experienced many technical difficulties on its journey to the Moon, causing issues for the craft to return Earth.ย  Ross Dedrickson, a US Air Force Colonel, revealed that an alien spacecraft “went to the rescue of Apollo 13,” and they accompanied Apollo 13 on their voyage around the Moon back to Earth. Colonel Dedrickson further elaborated, “and on two occasions they thought they might have to transfer the crew to their spacecraft, but they saw them safely back to Earth.”

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