Haunted Amusement Parks – The Universe – A Star Trek Future and More with author Sharon Day – June 4, 2022

We hosted special guest Sharon Day to talk about Haunted Amusement Parks on June 4th with special guest, Sharon Day of GhostHuntingTheories.com!

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What started off as a discussion with Sharon about haunted amusement parks evolved into a full on discussion of the Spirit World, the nature of the Universe, and open wondering about space travel, Nikolas Tesla and what he really worked on, and much more! One of our best interviews ever!

Haunted Amusement Parks in the United States

The following list of hauntings and ghost stories were culled from blogs and stories around the internet. They do NOT represent full on ghost investigations of these locations! We will share some of the stories we feel are more credible on the air!  In no particular order, we present the haunted parks list.

Universal Studios, Hollywood, California

In 1915, Carl Laemmle opened the Universal City ranch to the public, providing visitors with a first inside look at the film industry. During the opening weekend festivities, however, the magic of cinema became a bit too real. While piloting a plane in an aviation stunt to impress the thousands of guests, pilot Frank Stites plummeted to his demise for reasons that remain unknown.

This tragedy caused the cancellation of the rest of the weekend’s events.

Modern visitors and staff report seeing a man walking around the back lot dressed as a pilot. John Murdy, the creative director of Halloween Horror Nights, has even heard someone giggling at the site. He created a dummy of the pilot for the attraction in an attempt to pay homage to the fallen Frank Stites. Apparently, this honoring of the pilot’s memory did the trick. Murdy said he hasn’t heard any disembodied laughing since then.

Read: “Haunted Universal Studios (Haunted America)”  – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GXYWLCW

Six Flags at New Orleans, Lousiana

Abandoned since Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005, The Six Flags New Orleans (formerly known as Jazzland) draws illegal visitors, who attempt to explore it’s spooky grounds.

Numerous people have reported hearing phantom laughter, and music emanating from rides that haven’t operated since the destruction of the park.

People report hearing metal banging to the sounds of motors starting up, and there have been countless unexplained reports of paranormal occurrences that have no logical explanation.

Lights have been reported to have turned on, or are seen to flicker with no power to drive them!  One could make the case that the haunted town of New Orleans has provided at least some of it’s many ghosts to continue visiting the park!

An Amazon video, titled “Closed for Storm,” features incredible footage of the destroyed park for viewers to witness for themselves on Prime Video.

The Haunted Playground In New Orleans That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Sylvan Beach Amusement Park, Sylvan Beach, New Jersey

The Sylvan Beach Amusement Park in Sylvan Beach, NY, has a history dating back to the 1870s.

Several ghosts who hang around the park are reported. This includes “Abby, the Lady in White,” whose presence can be felt and heard in the hotel. Another spirit named Scott, who is often seen in Playland Attic, and other areas of the park. Finaly is the spirit of a man named Jack, who hangs around in the bar, and occasionally opens doors in front of startled witnesses.

All three spirits are said to have perished at the park. People also reported hearing coins dropping while on the Park After Dark ghost tours. The Syfy show Ghost Hunters, investigated the park and reported that the spirits are benevolent, only haunting the grounds because of a love for the park itself.


Rockin Jump, San Diego,  San Diego, California

Rockin Jump is a very unique park. Challenge yourself to the rock climbing wall, or show your competitive spirit by playing a round of trampoline basketball.

People have shared stories  a misty apparition that hangs out by the jousting bar who likes to scratch visitors as they wait in line to joust!

Crown, Colony Restaurant, Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay, Fl.

The Crown Colony Restaurant has long been reported by the staff of Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay to be haunted. Employees claim to have experienced paranormal activity, including reflections of a man playing piano in windows, the feelings of being watched throughout the facility, and visions of a prowling woman in a white nightgown.

Reports also share details such as unexplained cold spots, moving shadows, flickering lights, scents of nonexistent cigar smoke, and the visions of a young child named Wendy.

A veteran employee of the restaurant reported that the fourth floor has a presence that makes itself known to them when visiting that floor: “Almost any time you’re up there by yourself and go up to press the elevator button, you get this unexplained cold chill and the hair on the back of your neck stands up.”


Six Flags, Texas

A child named Annie is reported to haunt Six Flags park. Guests and staff speak fondly of Annie, and say she often turns the lights on and off in her “room,” located in a yellow house on the premises.

Paranormal researcher Chad Miller reported that employees of the park told him Annie’s body had been found in the 1920s in a creek bed.

Researchers report seeing a teddy bear move in Annie’s room, as well as hearing a voice say, “Let me play with your hair.”

Magic Mountain, in  Valencia, California

Magic Mountain in Valencia is considered one of the finest parks in the state.

Reports  have been made from those waiting in line for the Colossus ride of a young ghost boy in a striped shirt who likes to hide under the tracks. Those who have seen him have said that his clothes are covered in blood, and that he screams the moment the coaster begins to move. The sound of lift chain, pulling the coaster tram cars coincides with his scream!

This is just one of MANY ghosts and apparitions at the park. Visit this website to learn about the others:

Haunted Magic Mountain.

“Raging Waters” in San Dimas, California

Raging Waters in San Dimas is considered by some to be one of the best water parks in California.

This water park is believed to be haunted and witnesses have reported the phones ringing throughout the night, mostly coming from Wave Cove. Be on the lookout for the ghost of a little girl. Footsteps have been heard, the voice of a girl asking for help and something calling out names in the food court. The haunting is believed to be by a young girl who drowned in Wave Cove.

Many children have claimed that the ghost has tried to drag them down to the bottom of the pool as the waves crash overhead.

“Simpsons Land “at Universal Studios, Florida

Fans of the television series can fully immerse themselves in rides at this park. Rides like the Lard Lad Donut and a Duff Beer at Moe’s bar characterize the attraction.

Stay alert if you visit the Beer Garden, however. A number of visitors have reported seeing phantom hands reach out for them from under the surrounding foliage. Those who have seen the hands say they were not connected to a human body!

Golfland, in San Jose, California

Golfland features a round of putt putt attraction and a large water slide that kids love to take into it’s pool.

A number of park guests have reported seeing a black shadow roaming around the arcade shortly before closing hours! People who have dared to  approach the swirling mass claim to have been scratched and cut by its unseen hands!

Santa Maria Fairpark at Santa Maria, CA

The Santa Maria Fairpark is a family park featuring farm animals and a wide range of rides.

One visitor who has never left is that of a dead woman is sometimes seen standing by the rides. Reportedly, she has been known to grab people as they walk past her!

The locals share their belief that she was killed in a deadly accident while on one of the rides because her eyes are swollen shut.

Disneyland in Anaheim, California

The iconic Disneyland Park is definitely THE original template for many modern amusement parks.

People who visit this massive park greatly enjoy the Haunted Mansion attraction among the many rides, and features of the park.

What many people do NOT realize, however, is that the haunted mansion is genuinely haunted!

Stories of a creepy elderly man with a cane have been shared. The man been seen walking in and out of the walls of the mansion in front of visitors!

People who have dared to approach the man share the gruesome detail of him suddenly coughing up blood everywhere.

Many cast members and park visitors say they sometimes see or hear Walt Disney walking around his old studio apartment above the Main Street firehouse! Since Disney’s passing in 1966, the park has kept the light in the apartment window eternally on for him. Apparently, he appreciates the gesture and is part of life at the Magic Kingdom!

Another ghost is that of one Debbie Stone . She was employed as a teenage hostess working at the America Sings attraction . She died in a bizarre accident when she was caught by one of the rotating theater walls, and killed. Cast members working at the attraction report hearing Stone whisper, “Be careful,” believing the Living are likely to suffer her fate!

There is a somewhat bizarre tradition of families scattering the ashes of their loved ones in the park that may be an explanation of many stories of ghosts seen at the park! On a similar and even more bizarre note, Disney fans also have hypothesized that the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is haunted since real human bones from the UCLA Medical Center were originally used in the ride! This is almost certainly a myth, but with ghosts appreciating Jack Sparrow as much as the Living, it could be they like to haunt the ride as well!

Many stories are shared featuring the spirits of those who perished in accidents at the park over the years. People have reported numerous sightings of a man who appears near the Monorail track at night before disappearing in the face of an oncoming tram. This spirit may be that of one Thomas Guy Cleveland, a young man who attempted to sneak into the park at night by climbing over the fence in 1966. While crossing the Monorail track, he was hit by an oncoming train.

Sonoma TrainTown Railroad in Sonoma, California

The Sonoma TrainTown attraction features a popular kiddie train ride, but it also has a petting zoo, filled with gentle animals for people of all ages to enjoy feeding and petting.

The stories go, however, that you may want to keep your kids close when visiting the park.

Locals claim that the ghost of a little boy has been seen wandering the park on numerous occasions. Reportedly, this boy is seen with two broken arms that are bent at disturbing angles as he walks about the park!

Sonoma is a paranormal hot spot as well! Stories of more paranormal strangeness are shared in this local paper:


Fright Planet, in Sacramento, CA

Fright Planet is a seasonal “haunted theme park,” only open during the month of October for Halloween.

Despite the haunted attractions, there are genuine paranormal occurrences taking place at the attraction every year!

Reported are sightings of an old woman with frizzy white hair and a vomit covered nightgown who wanders the grounds. Workers share their belief that the woman is the “angel of death,” and if she speaks with you, it is a horrible omen of your impending and untimely end.

Kings Island Amusement Park in  Ohio

Visitors to Kings Island amusement park report an alarming amount of ghosts traversing it’s premises.

Guests report seeing a young girl in a blue dress, believed to have died in the 1800s. The child was reportedly interred at the island’s cemetery. The girl, known as either “Missouri Jane” or “Tram Girl,” is often seen at the International Restaurant, and White Water Canyon ride.

Some report that some of the ghosts are victims of accidental deaths.  A Lion Country Safari Ranger was killed by a lion in 1976. Another accident happened in 1992, when a man, his friend and a security guard were all electrocuted in a fountain that had a short circuit. At that moment of the three men dying, a woman on the nearby Flight Commander twisted to look at the commotion at the fountain and fell out of her harness to her death. Some of these spirits are likely haunting the park as well.

Another spirit, John Harter, also nicknamed “Tower Johnny,” also haunts the park. He is said to be the spirit of a young man who fell in 1983 while climbing the Eiffel Tower at the park’s entrance. Tower Johnny is the ghost who haunts the Eiffel Tower. He fell down an elevator shaft while exploring restricted areas of the Tower. He is still blamed for electrical problems to this day. Park employees call the unexplained tripped sensors “Johnnies” in reference to his spirit causing problems for them.

A  boy in a white suit is also seen near the race tracks when the sun goes down. The boy, named “Racer Boy,” is reported to be the spirit of a child whose body found at the Shooting Star track at the famed Coney Island attraction. The boy’s spirit came along with several of the ride’s cars were relocated to Kings Island from Coney Island. The Coney Island ride, called Shooting Star, was reported to have had an accident in which a little boy was found dead on the tracks.

Ghosts reportedly haunt the nearby ammo factory that suffered accidental explosions a number of times in the last century. Residents living near the ammo factory say they hear footsteps following them, and see swinging elevator cables while exploring the abandoned building.

Kings Island Amusement Park

Children’s Fairyland, in Oakland, California

Children’s Fairyland is considered one of the best amusement parks in the state.

Children love to play in the large playground area, designed to look straight out of a fairy tale.

Rumors of ghostly orbs, seen hovering  at “Alice in Wonderland” card maze have been shared by a number of visitors to the attraction!

The stories include the testimony of children claiming that these orbs speak to them, and whisper terrifying things about dying!

A Wealthy Entrepreneur Haunts ‘The Coney Island Of The West’ – And He May Not Be Alone

The Coney Island of the West, which sits on the Ohio River in Cincinnati, plays host to a number of ghosts.

Named after Coney Island in New York, this Ohio amusement park features a massive pool, an outdoor dance hall, and a play area for small children. Walt Disney even visited the park in the 1950s while he was planning Disneyland.

One of the Ohio park’s owners, George Schott, died in 1935 at an event in the Moonlite Gardens. He is said to appear, wearing period clothing, and watching over the park to this very day. Several guests have lost their lives in ride-related accident, including while riding the Scrambler ride, accidents that occurred while exiting the moving merry-go-round, and accidents while diving into the swimming pool.

The park was built on land frequented by the Hopewell Indian tribe.  Guests and workers report hearing Native American chanting, ghostly music coming from the empty merry-go-round, and splashing from the pool area, even occuring during the off-season.

Six Flags, at Jackson, New Jersey

Many guests of Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park in Jackson, NJ, have reported seeing a number of teenagers standing and sitting throughout the park. They then have cause to realize these teens are not Earthly people. They appear to be wearing clothing dating from the 1980s or 1990s.

In 1984, eight teenagers became trapped, and ultimately perished in the park’s Haunted Castle attraction.

A volunteer firefighter recalled the horror of being unable to tell human bones from the skeleton props. Following the tragedy, state legislation began holding amusement parks to higher safety standards. Fire safety requirements were changed with improved emergency exit protocols implemented on the rides. Apparently, the spirits of the teens remain in spite of these measures.


Cedar Point Merry-Go-Round Museum

In 1917, Daniel C. Muller carved what became known as Muller’s Military Horse.

According to legend, Mueller’s wife became obsessed with the horse carving. After she passed on, visitors to the merry-go-round reported seeing her ghost riding the so-called Haunted Steed on the Cedar Point Carousel. The legend also shares the detail that Mrs. Muller’s spirit prevents people from taking photos of her favorite horse to keep anyone else from falling in love with it.

The original carousel horse is no longer on display. A replica of Muller’s Military Horse is reportedly still at the Merry-Go-Round Museum. Visitors have reported seeing Mrs. Muller taking nightly strolls around the museum to admire the steed.

Many aspects of this haunt are unconfirmed.