Mediumship Study Group – Members wanted.

We are looking to create a local mediumship study group in the Shingle Springs/Cameron Park California area.

We are looking for up to 4 to 5 people to meet weekly locally in Cameron Park at the Bel Air conference room inside the Bel Air Supermarket. We  will likely meet on weekends to practice for about ninety minutes.

Shingle Springs once had a group like this that I was part of years ago and it’s been far too long since a group reformed to enjoy good company and laugh and enjoy Spirit in good company.

We intend to study and practice the basics with clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance and psychometry to develop our skills and improve as mediums. The only requirements are that you be interviewed by Jon to see if you will be a good fit for the group and that you be of good sound character and have a pure heart to develop a relationship with Spirit. A genuine desire to help others communicate with loved ones and reliable attendance are musts.

Finally there is one more “must”. You need to have a sense of humor. Laughter is essential and not taking ourselves too seriously is the secret of success with this work.

Oh… and here is the super SERIOUS part! Read carefully!

There will be no Zoom meetings. We are of the belief that people have met each other successfully  IN PERSON for nearly all of recorded history and the events of recent times play no part in preventing ordinary people from ACTUALLY MEETING IN PERSON.  As you can tell, we are not of the belief that people need to mask up or live their lives in fear as the “new normal”. The “Old Normal” worked just fine for us, thank you very much and we intend to live by that view of life and not in fear.

Life is to be lived and this thing we are doing is all about life and… the Afterlife.

As of March 2022 there are up to 5 slots open for interested parties. There will be no cost other than your time invested and perhaps bringing a snack to share on occasion and water. We’ll work out all the particulars as this develops.

If you are interested, please contact Jon at

Jon Almada