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Vicky Elsing

Vicky’s Bio and Story

(2022 Notes: Vicky and her husband sold the store and retired. It is unknown who has the building now, but it is certain the ghosts have likely stayed and are haunting the new owners.)

Her story in her own words

Hi, My name is Vicky. My Husband Phil and I own and run Elsing’s 2nd Hand Shop in a haunted building in Stoughton, Wisconsin. We had done flea markets about 17 years before opening our first business.

We had our eye on the building we now own for a few years dreaming about opening up our shop someday in that building. Well our dream came true. We were told by the people that worked in the building that it was haunted and we really didn’t want to buy it. We really didn’t think much about it.

The shop in 2009

We loved the building and wanted it really bad. We had gone in the building for pizza many times dreaming of what we would do if we could ever buy this building. Well here we are now. We bought the building in 2004, the building we have dreamed of for many years and we have ghosts and or spirits. We had never given the ghosts a second thought until things started happening to us. We had no idea what a ghost hunter or paranormal was.

A few things started happening and then one night I went home to start looking things up on the Internet. I typed in the word ghost hunter in Google because I had no idea what I was looking for and came up with the word paranormal, I had no idea what a paranormal even was. This is how we all got started. I started sending emails out to some of them and now this is where we are at now. We have been doing a lot of research on our building with a few of our friends. We are working very hard to find out what is going on in our building.

Our building was built in 1891 as the Hanson House/Grand Hotel. We were told it was haunted before we bought it.

We have been told a little girl and a few others are in the building. In the 20’s it was a known as a Brothel and the king pin of bootlegging in Stoughton. The Chief of Police they say committed suicide by jumping out of one of the windows in the building. I and some of my friends I have read the story and believe he might of been helped out the window.

I have been doing a lot of research and learning lots. We have had things float off the shelves in front of customers and my husband. We have also had lots of unexplained sounds, like breaking glass yet nothing is broken, loud crashes as if a whole shelf has fallen yet nothing is out of place. I am not a paranormal, just a person of a haunted building trying to find answers.

If you are ever in Stoughton please stop in and see what you think of my building, 421 E. Main Street, Stoughton, WI.

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