Sky Trumpets Show – 03/20/2021

Heard all over the world are strange sounds ranging from Trumpet-like blasts to explosive sounds and hums that mystify ordinary people. Ranging from deep in the woods to city neighborhoods, the recordings and videos of these sounds leave people baffled and government agencies to try to explain away these unusual sounds to residents who call in for answers.

Tonight we are going into the strange world of Trumpet sounds from the sky, SkyQuakes and Hums heards by tens of millions of people across the world and for which there are mysterious videos and audio recordings across social media, inadequete explainations given by officials and law enforcement agencies left in silence as to how to respond to reports of these phenomena.

People around the world have been report the sound of hums, musical blasts, horns, or other trumpet-like sounds from the sky and from the earth itself. These reports hail from the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Russia, Australia, the Czech Republic, and elsewhere. The reports describe a unique sound with groaning qualities interspersed with metallic, vibrating, musical-like qualities. Some report hearing sorts of voices that can’t be understood.

Join us as we take a trip through the weird and wonderful world of Sky Trumpets, Skyquakes and Hums.

Best of the Trumpet Sounds:

Terrace BC 2013 –
This has possible EVP at 1:32 into the video.

Good compilation of Sky Trumpets

Conklin Alberta in Jan 2012 – Creepy!

Canada lake Sky Trumpets –

Angels 7 Trumpets with image

Alaska Trumpets – Facebook group

Inside Edition

Sky Sign End of World

Middle-Of-The-Road Explanation

San Franscico Golden Gate Bridge sounds:

Potential Explanations

A well written piece on Sky Trumpets

HAARP – High Frequency Active Auroral Program.
Good article on HAARP news

Spiritual Viewpoints

Christian viewpoint – Facebook group “Trumpets in the Sky”

Bibical References: Revelations/End-Times

Jewish SHOFAR horn being played in Jerusalem

Another even better Jewish SHOFAR video

Astrophysical causes of noises

Northern Lights

Northern Lights Sounds on video

Fake Videos

Good short piece on the subject – Add my own conclusion at end of this on fakes. –


Best of Skyquakes

Wikipedia –

Police reports of explosive sounds:

Alaskan Sounds

Potential Explanations

Ocean-caused hums

Best of the Hums

Worldwide Hum site – Has map of the hum in various parts of the world.

Taos Hum

The Hum – Video from The Telegraph

Short video with simulation of the sound

World-wide hums

Trumpets in Heaven – Actually a humming noise described in this article