Welcome to SoulStream; Live from the Broken Tree Ranch

Tonight’s show is the “That Show” special.

It’s great to be back and we promise to keep up with our broadcast schedule now that I’m feeling so much better these days. The surgery from last year took quite awhile to fully get over and I’m back in the game now.

We’re back and here to stay.

We’ll be making a splash again with fresh content, ideas and, most importantly, building our reputation on continued *positive* content and lifting people up to be the best they can be. And a big thanks to all the show hosts out there that have been supportive friends and understanding of our challenges this past year. I value your friendships immensely.

Speaking of value and humor… I AM getting a huge laugh out of the references to our ranch name that are finding their way to other shows on BTR and wish those hosts all the best! It does seem that success and laughter make waves out there – LOL. We can certainly laugh at ourselves and the world is a better place when all people can do this. I am reminded of some of this humor that James Kirk used in Star Trek and I chuckle every time I think of it.

Note that the new policy for chat room is no guests in the chat room. Log in and we’ll be glad to have you listening in and participating in the chat as the show progresses. Read More …