November News – First Show Date is November 24th

We’ve made our selection for a provider for SoulStream and it is Facebook!

Facebook makes a lot of sense. The cost to host the show there is FREE. We have a MUCH better security model there with total control over blocking problem users and trolls and it will be a far superior platform for the future than what we had been using with our old provider.

We left Blogtalkradio after the costs jumped to $40 a month and when we opted out, we were told to basically pack our old files and get out of town in so much corporate-speak. It used to be that the provider would leave your old shows there to make $$$ off and evidently some bean-counter decided that was too much of a problem so we found ourselves having to save all the old shows off and now were in the process of getting the show links updated here on this site and it will take time. We’ll let you know when the process is complete.

For now, we’re targeting November 24th as the first Facebook show and we’ll post the necessary links and times on this site VERY soon! It should be interesting to get it all figured out and get back behind the microphone! More to come – keep an eye on the site!