Understanding Hauntings and the Afterlife: Here’s How It Works – By Sharon Day

Most of us regard the afterlife from the point of view of a living 3-dimensional player on a 3-dimensional field. Thus, we see a ghost as an invisible person who can get confused, trapped, vengeful, or concerned, but always in one place at one time.

Ghost investigators tend to hit all the most traumatic locations, assuming that somehow following an awful death one leaves their ghost to linger in that place and time. The problems with that include the fact that any of us who have had a bad event, generally do not want to go back to that location for any reason. As well, if you have passed on and are free to go anywhere, you might want to choose a beloved relative or a favorite vacation spot.

Once again, we are thinking too linear in our references. 

Why are some places haunted? 
Places of intense emotion at time of death or great pleasure while alive, should be haunted. It’s not about being trapped, not knowing you’re dead, or seeking vengeance.


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