Mark and Debby Constantino

Mark and Debby Constantino were guests on the show. I have nothing but profound shock, even to this day, of the events of September 2015 that took these two people and one other man to the Other Side. May they all rest in peace.

Mark and Debby Constantino were guests of the show in May of 2009 and I was deeply grateful they came on the show and it was a really great interview.

Several of the techniques they recommended were ones I actually took into the field and got great results with.  They were experts at what they do and I can only say I was very glad with the idea that Debby gave me to use a shot glass of whiskey to give to the miners at various locales we hunted ghosts in which were in-common with what Mark and Debby hunted as well.

Their tragic deaths on September 24, 2015 left me shaken and I just cannot understand what happened. The only thing to do now is to remember them in happier times and hope that their souls are at peace.

Appearance on SoulStream Radio

Find A Grave Tribute to Mark, Debby and James


Queen Mary EVPs with Mark and Debby – click to view in separate window.

Mark and Debby at the Washoe Club

Afterlife communication with Mark and Debby

A Video of Mark and Debby talking about what comes after we pass from 2012, several years before they died. Nick Groff shared this video on his channel.