Scott Wise

Scott Wise

I have always been interested in everything paranormal and spent countless hours reading and researching what I could about the subject. This was before all the paranormal shows got so popular. I have been asked many times why I wanted to become a paranormal investigator.

It would be the lack of paranormal occurrences in my life. I was always so open to the possibility that spirits do exist. I made up my mind to try to do something to increase my chances of witnessing something otherworldly.

From there I contacted a paranormal group in the area. I joined the team and over the years I have heard and seen things I thought I never could.

I am also currently working with a group from California, GRI- Ghost Rider Investigations Paranormal Research and assisting with evidence analysis and anything I can do from this distance for the team, I would like to thank Jon Almada and the rest of the team for the opportunity.

When I moved to Columbus, Ohio, I decided since I haven’t had any real success in finding a team, I would try to create my own (GGPI – Ghostly Gateway Paranormal Investigations), Heck, I have done it before when I resided in York, Pennsylvania with a couple of great friends of mine. We were together for 8-9 years until I had to move. With that team, we were very successful and we had a blast doing it.

I host my own paranormal site at and encourage you check it out.